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By listening, connecting and sharing information among adults at home, school, and in the community and with our children and youth, we can all provide safety and learn how to create a more kind and compassionate culture.

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– Safe Schools Healthy Students Handout on “Prevent Cyberbullying in Schools and the Community”, – Common Language Program

Restorative Resources Santa Cruz Christine King & Todd Phillips   Schools Planning & Bullying Intervention & Prevention Training 831 454-6330


Programs for middle schools and high schools or classrooms

JoAnn Allen (formerly of the SCCOE County Ofc of Ed.) offers ”Safe Schools Planning, Bullying Intervention & Prevention Training” 831 332-6636

Tate Carey, Lead, and Alex Santana, Jr. Youth Program Coordinators for the Diversity Center   831 425-5422 after hrs: 510671-0669


Programs for K-6 schools or classrooms

Santa Cruz Safe Schools Project Ron Indra, Dir. 831 427-4014 part of the Diversity Center Queer Youth Task Force Stuart Rosenstein for Annual Leadership Awards

– KidPower of Santa Cruz (800-467-6997 ext.1#) has great, free online articles, videos, podcasts, and more:

– Challenge Day program (grades 4-12) (A little further away, and best mixed with a local program to cost-effectively add to their amazing 1-day school changes)

– Seibukan Jujutsu martial arts classes for children and adults. This martial art focuses on self defense, respect, discipline, and personal power. e.g. Nanatokan Dojo: 831 227-8024

– Aikido as a martial art is focused on self defense, respect, discipline, and personal power in a joyful and playful learning environment. e.g. Aikido of Santa Cruz: 831 423-8326

– Dr. Shane Hill, well-known therapist specializing in bullying, like other counseling professionals for children & families Web search: Therapist/Counselor/Coach, Bullying Help/Assistance, your city/town

Noah Brown of Encompass Youth Services counsels youth and connects them with resources, and runs youth social groups.

– Suicide Hotlines local: 831 458-5300 or 800 784-2433,   800 273-TALK (-8255)


Healthy Community and Support Services in Santa Cruz

NonViolent Communication (NVC) Santa Cruz hosts fantastic local classes and gatherings that add to any family’s or school’s ability to create healthy & safe learning/living, plus offers a plethora of articles and online media (plus teleclasses) & NVC Games for connection & community 831-475-6117

The Santa Cruz Conflict Resolution Center (CRC) is a great place for adults to get trained to help in all kinds of situations. They SC CRC is researching ways to train kids and schools in light of the multiple negative impacts to society from bullying. 831 440-8979


Further Reading and Watching

Walla Walla, WA H.S. Principal’s triumph reducing 722 suspensions/year to <130 and other in-depth stories & statistics articles:

– NVC (Non Violent Communication) expert Miki Kashtan’s video about Bullying:

– Impact Personal Safety (out of Santa Fe, NM)

– Restorative Justice

– Quote the California 2007 LAW:   SB 777 created consistent nondiscrimination policies to protect all students in publicly-funded schools and activities, including alternative and charter schools, postsecondary institutions, instructional materials and financial aid.

– Project Cornerstone Silicon Valley

– a “good news” site with empowering and inspirational stories that grew out of needs and issues

– The wonderful “Family/Classroom Agreement Game” created by Jered Finklestein of (for details: 831 222-3090)


Parenting Expert writers whose approaches are useful in schools as well

– Alfie Kohn* books, videos,

Pam Leo (excellent parenting articles & CD’s)

Bill & Win Sweet book: Living Joyfully with Children

Rudolf Dreikurs book: Children: The Challenge

Laura Davis & Janis Keyser book: Becoming the Parent You Want to Be;

Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish book: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk