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What is Positive Discipline?


IMG_0073PDCR is an incredible synergy of people who bring their energy, time and talent to the table!  Our team is made up of community members with varying professional backgrounds who represent diverse constituencies and interests. Each member realizes the vital importance of providing families and classrooms with support they need to promote success for the youth of our community.  

We are guided by our all-volunteer 8-member Board of Directors and Director Nga Trinh-Halperin.  We utilize the expert advice from the members of our all-volunteer 22-member Advisory Team.  We are supported by more than 150 Certified PD Trainers!

We are passionate about POSITIVE DISCIPLINE because the benefits are clear…

At home, authoritative parenting helps in:
– setting clearer limits
– decreasing harshness and
– increasing the sense of positive connection

In schools, learning social and emotional skills results in:
– academic success, health and well-being, while
– reducing and preventing problems like bullying and truancy

For the community, parenting that is both kind and firm promotes:
– kids’ healthy development, decreased social risks and
– decreased smoking, drinking, and engagement in violence

*Read more about Positive Discipline and the 5 Criteria it’s based on 

“Professionally, I am amazed at the power Positive Discipline and the associated exercises have to actually lead to a change in teachers’ and parents’ behavior, and often to promote that change in such a quick amount of time. I think changing human behavior is one of the most difficult tasks around.  Personally, I am grateful to all those who developed PD (and continue to develop these materials!) that are so helpful, useful, and which provide a framework that informs so much of what I do with my life, and find such joy in the process.”

–  Jim Linder, teacher, father, therapist