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Positive Discipline Community Resources (PDCR) is a social change nonprofit that supports parents, professionals and community members in creating healthy relationships with children.  We promote a model of connection and interaction that teaches respect and dignity; fosters a sense of belonging and significance; and brings more joy and compassion to families.

When children and all adults have a feeling of belonging and significance, they are more likely to contribute to the well being of the whole group:

  • family
  • classroom
  • school
  • community

PDCR helps parents, teachers, caregivers, administrators, supervisors and managers in homes, schools, offices and businesses to create safe and positive learning and work environments. Using research-based methods, PDCR teaches social and emotional awareness skills that promote initiative, responsibility, resilience and capability.

“I think and feel that the greatest legacy we can leave our children is the skill to communicate and pass on great family and relationships through the generations.  Positive Discipline does that.- Mark Anicetti, Dad on Positive Discipline Parenting


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